In 1992, a survey was conducted on the performance of waste stabilization ponds in France. The data selected come from a sample of 178 ponds, with an average capacity of 600 p.e., throughout France. For each plant, one or several input--output load measurements over a 24-h period are available. The average organic load level received is approximately 25 kg BOD/ha.d, representing 50% of the nominal load. The quality of the treated water is presented based on the type of sewerage system feeding the ponds. The results appear dispersed, however; in 70% of the cases the concentrations in COD and BOD on filtered samples are under 120 mg/l and 40 mg/l, respectively, and the concentration in TSS under 120 mg/l (discharge standards in France for waste stabilization ponds). The reductions in nitrogen and phosphorus nutrients are on average from 60% to 70%. The influence of different parameters (sewerage system type, organic load, season, age of plant, etc.) was studied. The results appear noticeably worse when the ponds receive wastewater from a strictly separate sewerage system.

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