A pilot system containing a particularly designed configuration of primary flotation unit and a combined flotation-filtration clarifier, was used for advanced municipal wastewater treatment.

The system which was investigated demonstrated the feasibility of municipal wastewater treatment by the flotation separation of fluid and coagulated-flocculated solids (Total suspended solids (TSS), organic load, Phosphorous (P), Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen (TKN)) without using microbiological oxidation.

The particular objective herein was to create a preliminary approach to theoretical evaluation of positive pilot-study results in the form of two kinetic models.

Based on positive pilot results, and kinetic analysis, the following conclusions were reached:

  • A double-stage flotation/filtration system might be a viable alternative for municipal wastewater treatment.

  • Empirical models and prediction developed here reflect the kinetics of the removal of coagulated and flocculated solids by flotation.

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