To get knowledge about the runoff, storage and combined sewer overflow (CSO) conditions since 1985 a measuring and monitoring system is working in the sewer network of the community Ense-Bremen (near Dortmund). Within this semi-urban catchment seven detention facilities are fitted out with devices for monitoring information about basin outflow, grade of volume and CSO. Since October 1986 the determined data are also used for the real-time control of that sewerage. Since its installation the monitoring system works rather satisfyingly. Especially the operating staff use its possibilities to get information about the actual condition of the sewer system. Thus, differences to the normal runoff conditions can be realised in very short time. That allows an immediate reaction in order to clear malfunctions or errors as well. However, within the ten years there have also occurred some failures at the measuring devices caused by different reasons up to a complete breakdown of the whole system during thunder-storms. All in all the results of that pilot project have been positive and are now the basis for the equipment of further detention facilities in other sewer systems with monitoring devices.

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