Boron was determined in strongly salinated waters by ion exchange with selective ion exchanger AMBERLITE IRA 743 using a bath technique. Modified colour reaction with carminic acid was used to the final determination in 3 cm cuvettes at 615 nm. Limit of detection was 0.02 mgB/dm3 and no interference was observed during ion exchange in natural strong salinated samples.

Determination of trace metals was carried out by flame AAS with N2O as oxidizing gas. Elaborated method allows to analyze water samples of each value of salinity. In the case of samples with TDS of more than dm3 it is necessary to dilute samples prior to analysis and with TDS in range from 10 to 20 g/dm3 standard addition is applicable as a rule and limit of detection is about 2 to 3 times worse than in non salinated samples. Presented method is very usable in place of uncomfortable, time-consuming and environment contaminating methods with organic extraction and it still allows to determine concentration at levels required in water pollution normatives.

Colour reaction with SPANDS and zirconyl ions was used for determination of fluoride in the concentration range from 0.02 to 2 mgF/dm3. Measurement of absorbance was carried out at 570 nm using 2 cm cuvettes. In the case of middle or highly salinated waters it is essential to preliminarily dilute sample and use the method of standard addition.

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