In recent years, many authors identified peat-based systems as a very promising technology for on-site wastewater treatment. In that context, Premier Tech has been working, since 1988, on the development and commercialization of a peat-based biofilter suitable for on-site wastewater treatment. This research and development programme comprised three major phases: an experimental phase where one type of peat out of 21 was chosen to be used in biofilters; a second phase where two prototype biofilters were installed in the field and their performances followed for 5 years; and a third phase where 4 biofilters were installed in order to demonstrate the adaptability of the system. The results obtained in this three-phase programme allowed the introduction on the market of a compact, reliable, and easy to operate biofilter requiring little investment from the home owner. In this paper an overview of the research and development programme carried out in the last 8 years in relation to on-site wastewater treatment is given.

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