This study is intended to induce better performance of existing activated sludge wastewater plants without modifying the physical structure of the plant.

The process consists in injecting a specific mineral powder into the aeration stage with two precise purposes: firstly to improve floc structure and thus facilitate solid/liquid separation in the clarifier, and secondly to reduce nitrogenous pollution.

By means of two experimental models the indisputable and rapid effect of talc/chlorite blend on the solid/liquid separation was established (with a sludge volume index improvement by a factor of 2 to 3 within a few days) compared with a control unit.

The increase in nitrification capacity of the system is also clearly shown with nitrification yields being increased by 30%. These results lead us to believe that it is possible to use this process of enhanced nitrification for running a plant reliably without dysfunctioning.

Problems linked to hydraulic or biological excess loading can be solved this way. Moreover, the addition of talqueous powder improves sludge dewaterability.

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