In the upgrade of wastewater treatment plants to include biological nutrient removal the space available is often a limiting facor. It may be difficult to use conventional suspended growth processes (i.e. activated sludge) owing to the relatively large surface area required for these processes.

Recent years have therefore seen a revived interest in treatment technologies using various types of attached growth processes. The “new” attached growth processes, like the Biostyr process, utilise various kinds of manufactured media, e.g. polystyrene granules, which offer a high specific surface area, and are therefore very compact.

The Biostyr plants allow a combination of nitrification-denitrification and filtration in one and the same unit. The results obtained are 8 mg total N/l and an SS content normally below 10 mg/l. The plants in Denmark which have been extended with a Biostyr unit have various levels of PLC control and on-line instrumentation.

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