In the departments of Attika and Viotia there are about 1,100 industries. The total amount of produced waste from the above mentioned branches is 20 × 106 t/year, 600,000t of which contain toxic substances. By contract from October 1st, 1992 between the Ministry of the Environment, Regional Planning and Public Works and three collaborating offices (among them the office of C. Malliaros) has been assigned to the latter, the realisation of a study of the management of toxic waste (liquid) and sludges, in the Departments of Attika and Viotia. The study presented in this paper investigates the following: - collection and evaluation of data and estimation of the hydraulic and pollution loads - classification of industries according to sewage facilities - further possibilities for changes of improvements in the production process of the industrial branches for the reduction of pollution and representation of these industries on maps - proposals for the collection and transport of the liquid toxic waste and sludges - pre-treatment at the source and disposal of the liquid waste and sludges - presentation of administrative and legislative regulations - forming a policy for the management and monitoring of this waste - technical and financial evaluation and investigation of the alternative methods of treatment - suggestions for the development of the area concerning the activities and the expenses at various levels.

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