A fuzzy logic controller (FLC) incorporating the streaming current detector (SDC) was utilized in the automatic control of the coagulation reaction. Kaolinite was used to prepare synthetic raw water, and ferric chloride was used as the coagulant. The control set point was decided at a streaming current (SC) of −0.05 and pH of 8.0 from jar tests, zeta potential and streaming current measurements. A bench-scale water treatment plant with rapid mix, flocculation, and sedimentation units, operated in a continuous-flow mode, was utilized to simulate the reaction. Two critical parameters affecting the coagulation reaction, i.e., pH and streaming current, were chosen as process outputs; while coagulant dose and base dose were chosen as control process inputs. They were on-line monitored and transduced through a FLC. With raw water of initial turbidity of 110 NTU, residual turbidity of lower than 10 NTU before filtration was obtained. Results show that this combination functions satisfactorily for coagulation control.

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