We developed the Exposure Models Library and Integrated Model Evaluation System (EML/IMES) to distribute models and information about models used for exposure assessments and other fate/transport studies. The library includes models and their documentation, a model selection system, and a model validation information system (IMES) containing information about these computer models. We published the latest version of the EML/IMES on a hybrid CD-ROM with World-Wide Web (WWW) links to allow the model codes and documentation to be more easily and efficiently distributed and updated. The disc contains over 100 models which may be used for exposure assessments and fate/transport modeling. The model subdirectories contain source code, sample input and output files, and in some cases, model documentation in electronic formats. All models contained in this CD-ROM are in the public domain. The disc also contains the IMES with information and assistance on selecting an appropriate model and information on validation of models from field applications. The IMES software is available as MS-DOS and Microsoft Windows applications and can be used on a PC-compatible system. An MS-DOS and HTML interface is included to provide easy access to the IMES and to the model directories. WWW links to sources of many of the models are also provided.

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