The development of a reliable model of anaerobic hydrolysis is of primary importance for improving modeling and design of anaerobic treatment for wastewaters and slurries with high suspended solids concentration. Michaelis-Menten, substrate first order, substrate and biomass first order and substrate first order and biomass half order equations have been compared using experimental data from a series of anaerobic degradation batch tests on cellulose particles of known size.

A general kinetic equation [dS/dt=−KHASXA] which may include all the four considered kinetics, is presented. This general equation allows for a more accurate mathematical representation of the hydrolysis process. Analysing data from a series of batch tests, the best fit value of A was found to be in the range 0.42 to 0.64. This approach could reduce the choice of anaerobic degradation kinetics of particulate organic matter to the calculation of the kinetic constant KHA and of the related power coefficient A.

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