The purposes of this study are to develop a non-steady state model which can express hydrogen behavior and reduced products formation in a perturbed methanogenic CSTR and to investigate energetic and kinetic interaction such as hydrogen transfer between H2 producers and consumers. Smith and McCarty (1989a, 1989b) obtained interesting experimental results on transient responses of the perturbed mixed-culture methanogenic CSTR receiving ethanol and propionate. In an experiment with a sudden addition of propionate and ethanol at steady state, they observed highly elevated H2 pressure and formation of reduced products such as propanol and longer chained VFAs. The model was applied to the perturbation experiment introducing a new concept of H2 transport between bacterial groups. Different H2 concentrations are defined by making a hydrogen transport within a colony of H2 producers and consumers. The modified model expressed the sudden change of H2 pressure and the formation of the reduced intermediate products which brought relatively low H2 concentration. Once kinetics and energetic of biochemical reactions are given, the model could be available for transient processes and for better understanding of interactions Between H2 producers and consumers.

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