The northbound migration of maining activities in the Emscher Region is making the open combined sewer system obsolete. This complex task requires a large number of water resources development activities in the subcatchments of tributaries. To harmonize these single activities and to evaluate their performance as part of the complete system a detailed rainfall-runoff-model of the whole Emscher system has been set up. Intensive anthropogenic impacts made it necessary to use actual system data to run advanced modeling techniques. The model set-up and first applications have been recently completed. The reconstruction of the extreme storm event of January 1995 showed excellent results. One of the major objectives is the reduction of flood levels by decentral retention measures. An evaluation matrix will be set up for the 22 potential sites for flood storage with a total volume of 4.8 million m3. Reconstruction plans developed through interdisciplinary investigations will be ranked concerning potential for realization and water resources benefits. In the mean and long range the applicability of approaches for flood control strategies using real-time forecasting models will be checked.

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