Sedimentation or deposition of sediments is a crucial economical and technical problem for the design of conveyances carrying sediment laden flow such as sewers, irrigation canals and, in general, rigid boundary channels. In light of investigations on sediment transport at the limit of deposition carried out during the last two decades at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne, experimental data on suspended sediment transport collected by Pulliah (1978), Macke (1982) and Arora (1983) are analysed. The data cover a wide range of volumetric concentrations (3.7 to 48542 ppm) and sediment size (0.006 to 0.37 mm). A new model for the prediction of suspended sediment transport in rigid boundary channels at limit deposit is proposed. The model was fitted by multiple regression analysis to Macke's (1982) and Arora's (1983) experimental data. Pulliah's (1978) data validate the relation. Nalluri et al. (1994) bed load friction model is checked with available data and a good agreement is observed.

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