The Actiflo method is a compact physico-chemical water treatment method. The method has for many years been used in waterworks for the treatment of surface water to produce drinking water, but is now to an increasing extent being used for treating wastewater and combined sewer overflows (CSO). The method works as weighted settling combined with lamella settling. Typical treatment efficiency: suspended solids 85%, COD 60%, Kjeldahl N 18% and total P 85%. The method also permits efficient removal of heavy metals. Krüger has a mobile pilot plant with a capacity of 80-120 m3/h in Scandinavia and a similar pilot plant in the USA. As an Actiflo plant can be started up in less than 15 minutes, it has many applications. Several applications may also be combined, e.g. treatment of overflows during rain and treatment of lake water in the recipient nearby in dry weather. As an alternative to detention basins in combined sewer systems the Actiflo method is often a competitive method.

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