The present study concerns disaggregation of daily rainfall time series into higher resolution. For this purpose, the scaling-based cascade model proposed by Olsson (1998) is employed. This model operates by dividing each rainy time period into halves of equal length and distributing the rainfall volume between the halves. For this distribution three possible cases are defined, and the occurrence probability of each case is empirically estimated. Olsson (1998) showed that the model was applicable between the time scales 1 hour and 1 week for rainfall in southern Sweden. In the present study, a daily seasonal (April-June; 3 years) rainfall time series from the same region was disaggregated by the model to 45-min resolution. The disaggregated data was shown to very well reproduce many fundamental characteristics of the observed 45-min data, e.g., the division between rainy and dry periods, the event structure, and the scaling behavior. The results demonstrate the potential of scaling-based approaches in hydrological applications involving rainfall.

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