Refilling of the Kerspe-Talsperre reservoir after restoration of the dam caused severe problems in water quality and supply due to a long-lasting ice-cover period and minimal precipitation. Unusually short spring overturn, high algal mass in spring and certainly the overflooding of the sediment, which had not been removed, caused a tremendous oxygen deficit in early summer. The whole hypolimnion turned anoxic and even in the metalimnion oxygen declined to a minimum. Manganese and iron reached high concentrations. Despite the poor water quality, raw water was urgently needed for the water supply and was pumped from the epilimnion during the clear water phase and in July when algal biomass was low. In the middle of August holomixis was induced artificially in order to improve water quality. The decline in algal production during and after artificial mixing was probably caused by light limitation of the algae.

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