A two-dimensional laterally averaged hydrodynamic and water quality model (CE-QUAL-W2) is used to simulate the water quality behavior in the proposed Isikli Reservoir of the Ankara Water Supply System to determine appropriate strategies for the management of water quality.

Isikli application of the model is used to demonstrate the potential water quality degradation patterns in the reservoir under different pollution loads. The results of the modeling study are compared with the drinking water quality standards currently effective in Turkey to formulate various water quality management strategies for the reservoir and its catchment area. In addition, various treatment options are evaluated considering the existing treatment system of Ankara City.

Based on the findings of this study, treatment or interception of wastewaters originating from the existing pollution sources around the reservoir area are introduced as the major infrastructural control techniques. Further, establishment of protection zones around the reservoir and relocating the possible pollution sources to a point downstream of the dam axis are found to be the most applicable administrative control methods for water quality preservation in the proposed reservoir.

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