Quantitative determination of combinations of the agrochemicals: atrazine, propham, chlorpropham, diflubenzuron, α-cypermethrin and tetramethrin from spiked soil is reported. Method involves ultrasonic extraction of agrochemicals with acetone, separation of samples by means of reverse-phase thin-layer chromatography and quantification by slit-scanning densitometry. Computer-assisted optimisation was used to select the optimum mobile phase composition. Apparent recoveries of agrochemicals from spiked soil were: 90.3±8.5 for chlorpropham, 79.3±10.3 for propham, 102±2.4 for atrazine, 100.6±5.4 for α-cypermethrin, 103.0±4.1 for tetramethrin and 98.3±4.9 for diflubenzuron.

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