A new biological process for ammonia removal from flows containing hundreds to thousands milligrams NH+4 per litre has been developed at the Delft University of Technology. The SHARON process operates at a high temperature (30–40 °C) and pH (7–8). The process is performed without sludge retention. This enables the prevention of nitrite oxidation, leading to lower operational costs. Denitrification is used to control the pH. A full scale plant was designed (1500 m3) based on kinetic and stoichiometric parameters determined at 1.5 1. scale and model predictions. Total costs are estimated at about $1.7 per kg removed NH4+-N. The first full scale SHARON plant will be operational at the Dokhaven waste water treatment plant in Rotterdam in the beginning of 1998. This contribution focuses on the principles of the process and evaluates conditions for which application seems feasible.

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