A dynamic model for the description of enhanced biological phosphorus removal is presented. Model approach and structure were mainly adopted from the “Activated Sludge Model (ASM) No 2”. Two additional processes for the anoxic growth of phosphorus accumulating organisms (PAO) and anoxic storage of polyphosphate were included. The model was further enhanced with three processes describing biologically induced phosphorus precipitation. Stoichiometric coefficients for anoxic conditions are modified under the consideration of a 35% reduction of energy yield compared with oxygen as electron acceptor. In addition, a ratio for the anaerobic P-release per substrate taken-up is introduced, which depends on pH, glycogen and substrate. With the aid of 18 batch-experiments and measurements from a WWT pilot plant, a set of kinetic parameter was estimated, that was able to reproduce satisfactorily the nutrient removal behaviour of the investigated sludge.

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