This research project was conducted to analyze the performance of a SBR reactor when being fed with anaerobically fermented wastewater. Important was to determine the capacity of the system to remove nitrogen and phosphorus. Two SBR reactors, each one with a volume of 980 liters, were used: one used as fermenter and the other as activated sludge SBR. Using 8-hour cycles, the reactors were operated and studied during 269 days. The fermenter produced an effluent with an average value of 223±24 mg/l of volatile fatty acids. The activated sludge SBR was tested under 3 organic loading rates of 0.13, 0.25, and 0.35 kgCODtotal/kgTSS·d. For the three tested organic loading rates, PO4-P concentrations under 1.1 mg/l and COD between 37 and 38 mg/l were consistently achieved. Exceptionally high NH4-N influent values were measured during the time of the experimentation with the organic load of 0.25 kgCODtotal/kgTSS·d, not reaching in this case full nitrification. Denitrification was observed during the fill phase in every cycle. SVI values between 40 and 70 were determined during the experimental runs.

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