Denitrification kinetics and wastewater characterization of eight different plants in Europe are discussed. Denitrification batch tests revealed three distinct rates except in the cases of Plaisir, Rostock and Orense where 4 rates were observed. The latter three plants revealed atypical rapid initial rates which were between 7 and 21 mgN/gVSS.h. All denitrification kinetics under non-limiting carbon conditions revealed fast first rates which ranged between 3.0 and 7.3 mgN/gVSS.h. Acetate was used to simulate denitrification kinetics with readily biodegradable COD present. Two subsequent rates were observed. Rates 2 and 3 ranged between 2 and 3 mgN/gVSS.h, and 1 and 2 mgN/gVSS.h, respectively. The RBCOD fraction varied between 10 and 19%, except for one of the plants where the value determined was 7%.

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