The paper presents results coming from experiments on pilot scale plants about the possibility to integrate the organic waste and wastewater treatment cycles, using the light organic fraction produced via anaerobic fermentation of OFMSW as RBCOD source for BNR processes. The effluent from the anaerobic fermentation process, with an average content of 20 g/l of VFA+ lactic acid was added to wastewater to be treated in order to increase RBCOD content of about 60-70 mg/l. The results obtained in the BNR process through the addition of the effluent from the fermentation unit are presented. Significant increase of denitrification rate was obtained: 0.06 KgN-NO3/KgVSS d were denitrified in the best operative conditions studied. -Vmax shows values close to those typical of the pure methanol addition (about 0.3 KgN-NO3/KgVSS d). A considerable P release (35%) was observed in the anaerobic step of the BNR process, even if not yet a completely developed P removal process.

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