Waste disposal practices were developed at a time before the implementation of waste regulation. When the first control came the industry found that it was its own waste regulator and so its own practices were not closely examined. Privatisation of the water industry overturned this situation and the disposal practices of the past came under the full spotlight of regulatory control. This was just at a time when waste disposal legislation itself was going through a process of revision to take account of European and Global environmental initiatives. North West Water's response to this was to instigate a thorough review of waste management practice across the Company. This has resulted in a totally new approach to waste management and the creation of a dedicated waste management organisation. The primary role of this organisation is to manage, to the best financial and environmental benefit of the Company, all its waste streams. This management must provide a high level of protection for the receiving environment, take account of cost, and strive to achieve the aims of sustainable development.

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