Monitoring of heavy metal content (Pb, Hg, Cd) in biomass of water plants (algae, mosses, macrophytes) and sediments had been carried out in the Dyje/Thaya River basin during 1992-1994. Heavy metal content was investigated in all the more abundant species or groups of plants in 14 localities along the entire Dyje/Thaya River. High heavy metal concentrations were also measured in sediments and in algal water bloom (Cyanophyta) in Vranov and Nové Mlýny Reservoirs. A substantial part of lead, mercury and cadmium contamination in the Dyje/Thaya River basin has its origin in the non-point sources of pollution such as atmospheric deposition, application in agriculture of mineral fertilisers containing trace elements, preservation of cereal grains before planting with mercury agent until 1990, etc. Despite the fact that atmospheric deposition of lead from traffic emissions has been decreasing, in 1992-1994 it represented probably the largest source of lead in the Dyje/Thaya River basin.

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