Three seasonal surveys of suspended solids were carried out in an on-stream stormwater management pond, by means of a submersible laser particle size analyser. Size distributions were measured at up to 17 points in the pond, and water samples collected at the same locations were analysed for primary particles aggregated in flocs. Observed suspended solids were mostly composed of flocs, with maximum sizes ranging from 30 to 212 μm for winter and summer surveys, respectively. Using a relationship defining the floc density as a function of floc size and Stokes' equation for settling, an empirical relationship expressing the floc fall velocity as a function of floc size was produced. This relationship indicates that naturally formed flocs in the size range from 5 to 15 μm would settle faster than both smaller primary particles of higher density, and somewhat larger flocs of lower density, which are however susceptible to break up by turbulence.

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