Urban stormwater often contains high levels of traffic-generated metal elements and particulates. These constituents are transported by stormwater runoff to surficial soils, drainage systems and receiving waters. This paper summarizes the in-situ field-scale performance of a passive treatment system called a partial exfiltration trench (PET) for source control of these constituents. For stormwater runoff infiltrated into the PET media, treatment occurs primarily by sorption and filtration. Previous bench-scale testing indicating a design life exceeding 10 years, demonstrated the potential viability of the PET, and justified construction and monitoring of a field-scale PET. In-situ performance of an instrumented field scale PET indicates mass removal efficiency generally exceeds 80% after 1 year of runoff loadings. Exfiltration from the PET to clayey glacial till soils has exceeded 30% for selected runoff events.

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