For about 20 years models have been used on a large scale in the water management of The Netherlands. Today models are indispensable in modern water management. However, while on one hand the application of models in water management still increases, on the other hand the appreciation of policy makers for models decreases, especially in the Dutch national policy. One has to look very carefully to recognise the policy analysis by models in the policy documents, although the number of used models and the number of calculations was larger than ever before. Summarised it may be stated that the application of models is facing some serious problems. Especially the efficiency must increase. Together with the coming, new questions in water management, the involved participants in integrated water management are forced to join forces in the development and application of models. Therefore in The Netherlands a Standard Framework discussion started between the involved participators. The first results are very promising. Looking at the future it can be concluded that the next generation of models to be built for the fifth National Policy Document on Water Management, will not just be a model system of the national government, but a system of all involved participants in Dutch water management.

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