This paper presents a mathematical model for an alternating oxidation ditch system, performing carbon oxidation-nitrification, denitrification and settling. The model consists of 1-dimensional mass balance (convection-dispersion) equations, based on the IAWPRC activated sludge model No 1. The data used for the calibration and the application of the model, are collected from a pilot plant. The present work consists of 3 parts. In the first part a brief description of the pilot plant is made. The second part deals with a short presentation of the basic equations and the boundary conditions of the model. The calibration and application of the model with the corresponding conclusions are contained in the third part. In the calibration, the values of the dispersion coefficient, E, and the correction factors α and β of the equation of the aeration equipment (rotors) have been determined equal to E=170000 m2 day−1, β=0.85 and α=0.3 and 0.825, for the operation of the rotors in the low and high speed, respectively. The application of the model shows that predicted effluent concentration values are in a very good agreement with experiments.

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