The need for integrated analysis poses a request for integration of computer models, paying extra attention to interfaces, data management and user interaction. Sector wide standardization using data dictionaries and data exchange formats can be a great help in streamlining data exchange. However, this type of standardization can have some drawbacks for a generic framework for model integration. Another concept, called Model Data Dictionary (MDD), has been developed as an alternative for proper data management. The concept is a variant on the federated database concept, a concept where local databases maintain their autonomy, while an interconnection database provides a link for sharing data. The MDD is based on a highly generic data model for geographic referenced objects, which if needed facilitates mapping of the sector wide data dictionary. External interfaces provide, in combination with a data format mapping component, a link to SQL-based data sources and model specific databases. A generic Object Data Editor (ODE), linked to the MDD, has been proposed for provision of a common data editing facility for mathematical models. A test version of the combined MDD/ODE-concept has shown the applicability for integration of all kinds of geographic object oriented mathematical models (both simulation and optimization).

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