At present the combined wastewater treatment plants Köhlbrandhöft/Dradenau serve approx. 1.85m PE for the treatment of Hamburg wastewater. It is planned to add a further 250,000 PE and therefore it is necessary to carry out optimisation measures. With the help of an extensive project for dynamic simulation, the necessary comparative tests were carried out.

Various variants for the optimisation were tested and compared on the basis of 14-day and annual hydrographs. The results show clear differences in the performance of the variants. The dynamic simulation was able to provide very useful results on the basis of which decisions have been made on the most suitable measures to be taken in practice.

During work on the project the creation of a project team consisting of representatives from the works (planning and operational staff) and the simulation expert, who cooperated intensively in working on the ideas and concepts, proved invaluable. It meant that wide-ranging possibilities for optimisation were tried out and plausible results achieved.

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