The aim of the investigations was to discover the actual state of the ichthyofauna in the water basins of Ropotamo Reserve Complex and to determine the ecological, conservation and economic aspects of its management. In total 55 fish species were found during this study. Five species belong to the category “threatened” in the Red Book of Bulgaria. Four species at different levels of endemism were also found. The highest species diversity characterizes the firth of Ropotamo River. In all marshes studied a comparatively low degree of species diversity was established, because of the extreme abiotic conditions, and especially because of the variable hydrological rate. The anthropogenic impact affects the studied basins to different degrees. In both Alepu and Stomopolu marshes, a more direct influence was noted. Some measures for decreasing the negative impact as well as for successful management of all water basins in the Ropotamo Reserve Complex are proposed. Realization of long-term monitoring of the water fauna, including the fish, is recommended.

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