This paper reports the results of an extensive investigation on the waste management in Hong Kong abattoirs with the following objectives: (i) to identify the existing waste management practices in relation to sources and quantity of wastes generated, methods of storage and handling of wastes, any in-house treatment, and final disposal of wastes, (ii) to identify the problems of existing waste management practices, and (iii) to evaluate the future development. To obtain up-to-date data and reliable information, site visits were conducted and the management of the abattoirs were interviewed in detail about the operation and waste management practices. For each abattoir and one associated by-product plant, detailed material balances were established for liquid and solid wastes. Complete quantitative results on waste loads, water consumption and material/waste flows are presented. Operational problems regarding wastewater treatment, as well as waste reduction and potential for reuse or recycle of solid wastes are discussed in the context of Hong Kong. Finally, information on the proposed new slaughterhouse (design capacity 5000 pigs and 400 cattle daily) is provided which will include a novel underground wastewater treatment plant.

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