The water quality management of Ruhr River Association is challenged by the dual use pattern, i. e. drinking water supply and wastewater discharge simultaneously into the same river. In the past 10 years accidental or illegal pollution occurred statistically every twenty days. Identification of water pollutants (and polluters) was often impossible because water samples could not be secured for analysis in time. The water quality surveillance system could be extended with financial support of the European Union by another two automated monitoring stations equipped with sophisticated on-line analysators (e. g. for ammonia, chromium, chlorophyll fluorescence) and biomonitors using water fleas and mussels as detectors. Monitoring strategies, methods, techniques and costs for buildings, equipment and operation are reported. Experience and results obtained so far let assume that the integrated water quality monitoring is able to prove its merits concerning reconnaissance of accidental water pollution and subsequent early warning of water works.

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