Florida Gas Transmission Company (FGTC), an Enron/Sonat affiliate, owns and operates a major interstate natural gas pipeline system that extends from South Texas to South Florida. At various locations along the pipeline are located compressor stations that boost the pressure of the natural gas flowing through the pipelines. As part of their normal operation, these stations generate small amounts of oily effluent as a result of cooling water blow-down, engine/parts wash-down, lube-oil-contaminated wastewater and rainwater from containment areas. In early 1997, economic considerations led FGTC to pursue alternative technologies to replace portions of the traditional treatment system. This paper reviews a trial effort undertaken by Wetland Sciences, Inc. to evaluate the technical feasibility of utilizing constructed wetlands to treat wastewater generated by the natural gas compressor station. The ultimate goal being the application of this technology to FGTC's other compressor stations.

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