Information on the toxicity of individual chemicals that have been used as known or representative odor standards in the method of Flavor Profile Analysis (FPA) was compiled for an exposure assessment. A full risk assessment was not possible since unit risk values for most of these chemicals do not exist. This study provides a recommendation as to what chemicals can be safely used as known and representative taste and odor standards for the next modification of the Flavor Profile Analysis Standard Method 2170. Excluding any potential odor standard listed as possible or probable carcinogens, there would be no known risk to FPA panelists being exposed to the selected odor reference chemicals at the concentrations used in FPA. Also, the concentrations which panelists are exposed to during an FPA (20 minutes per chemical) are lower than the legal threshold limit values for 8 hour occupational exposures. However, many of the odor reference chemicals have yet to be evaluated for their carcinogenic or noncarcinogenic endpoints. Recommendations are made as to which chemicals should be avoided.

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