A pilot study was conducted at McAllen, Texas to evaluate two microfiltration technologies, Memcor and ZeeWeed, to treat secondary effluent from the city of McAllen south WWTP. The objectives of the study were to compare the ability of Memcor and ZeeWeed to pretreat secondary effluent for subsequent processing by RO and to evaluate the ability of the ZenoGem membrane bioreactor process to directly treat screened, de-gritted wastewater to a quality suitable for direct processing by RO.

The results showed both Memcor and ZeeWeed to be competitive in their ability to produce a high quality filtrate from secondary effluent. The results also indicated that the ZenoGem process is capable of producing a filtrate suitable for RO treatment while meeting the City's current wastewater effluent discharge requirements. Additionally, the ZenoGem treated McAllen's raw wastewater to a quality comparable to the city's existing WWTP effluent.

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