A hydrodynamic study and an ethanol biodegradation were carried out in an experimental biofilter using wood bark as packing material. The Comiti and Renaud model was used in order to determine, from pressure drop measurements, the tortuosity and the dynamic specific surface area of the packing material, and its structural parameters, considering the wall effect corrections. The pressure drop was used as a qualitative measure of the growth of native wood bark microorganisms. The aerobic biodegradation with a concentration of 1 g of ethanol m–3 was studied. An air superficial velocity of 100 m h–1, an air flow rate of 20 m3 h–1 and an empty bed residence time of 37 seconds with a true residence time of 19.5 s were the operational conditions in the biofilter. The ethanol concentration, pH, temperature and the pressure drop at different heights of the biofilter were measured. Performances of this process were presented.

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