The flow pattern of a countercurrent gas-liquid packed column is characterized for gas and liquid phases. Three packing materials are used (10 mm ceramic Raschig rings, 16 mm polypropylene Pall rings and 45 mm×18 mm polypropylene Spiralpac) and various operating conditions are applied. A first approach consists in the study of pressure drops. On the one hand, this study enables to determine, using the Ergun relation, the representative parameters of the three packing materials towards the flow. On the other hand, a study in a three-phase system is performed to establish the limit conditions using the Eckert model (flooding point, conditions of minimum wetting rate). An investigation of residence time distribution allows the hydrodynamic parameters to be obtained for each phase. A dispersion model represents the gas flow. The tanks-in-series with mass exchange model is retained for the washing solution flow representation. The influence of operating conditions on hydrodynamic parameters is evaluated. The determination of these parameters is of great interest to scale up and optimize the biological system of deodorization.

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