The results of laboratory scale modelling and real scale performance of the pre- and post-denitrification of a wastewater from the production of industrial fertilizers, pesticides and rubber additives are presented. As a substrate for the pre-denitrification, the biologically degradable organic compounds present in the influent were used. Selected wastewaters from chemical industry were used as a substrate for the post-denitrification. The results of the laboratory scale research of the pre-denitrification were successfully verified in real scale, an efficiency of 97% and 88% was reached for the removal of NO2–N and NO3–N respectively. The efficiency of the post-denitrification in real scale was 15% from the entering amount of NOx–N (NO2–NO3–N). Pre-denitrification removed about 190 kg NOx–N and post-denitrification about 85 kg NOx–N daily.

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