Experimental design methodology was used to define conditions for the adsorption and the stabilization of nickel ions (initial concentration of 500 mg.L-1) on coal fly ash/lime sorbent. This type of sorbent allows the reuse of by-products and increases the stabilization of metallic ions by lime addition. It was shown that the solution pH, the metal/adsorbent mass ratio, the type of fly ash used as sorbent, and the fly ash/lime mass ratio are the most influential factors. A set of parameters was finally obtained (pH 5, metal/adsorbent ratio of 0.01 g.g-1, fly ash/lime ratio of 4 g.g-1, fly ash with the lowest content of iron oxide) for which the removal of Ni2+ is 96% and the leaching 0.03% by permuted water and 0.2% by acid solution of pH 2.

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