Development of simple and rapid cytotoxicity assays using fish cell lines was attempted. Cytotoxicity of chemicals was evaluated by neutral red assay using five monolayer-cultured fish cell lines, BB cells, CHSE-214 cells, EPC cells, FHM cells, RTG-2 cells, and one suspension-cultured fish cell line, CHSE-sp cells. The strength of cytotoxicity was observed in an order of cadmium chloride>zinc sulfate>copper chloride>nickel chloride. The concentration of no observable effect on the CHSE-214 cells viability was 2%(v/v) for DMSO and 0.5%(v/v) for DMSO containing 20 mg · ml–1 taurodeoxycholic acid. The correlation between the 24-hour NR50 values of eleven chemicals to the CHSE-sp cells and those to the CHSE-214 cells was very high (r=0.98). The cytotoxicity assay using suspension-cultured fish cells was found to be one of valuable device for screening the toxicity of chemicals for fish.

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