A theoretical study supported by some experimental tests has been carried out with the aim of comparing one-dimensional (1-D) biofilm reactor models that use simplified (zero- and first-order) and Monod kinetics. Two different situations have been compared: one rate-limiting substrate with or without liquid film diffusion. The results obtained show that the use of a simplified kinetic approach compared to the Monod kinetic approach determines (1) an unjustified overestimate of the removal rate, especially for thin biofilms, and (2) an excessive overestimate of the liquid film layer thickness necessary to justify high kinetic orders. Even if recent research projects show that biofilm structure is more complicated than the one assumed in the modelling approach used in this study, nevertheless 1-D models still now continue to be the only ones that can reasonably support process engineers in biofilm reactor design, due to their intrinsic simplicity and the need for small sets of input data and parameters that can be obtained theoretically or often empirically.

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