The bio-kinetics and feasible sequential control strategy of treating high strength organic carbon and nitrogen wastewater were investigated by conducting the ABS manufacturing wastewater in a series of Sequencing Batch Biofilm Reactors (SBBRs). The on-line ORP, pH, and DO monitoring parameters were applied to identify the feature-points when ammonification, nitrification, and denitrification ends. The carbonaceous matter removal kinetics in the anaerobic and aerobic reaction stages can be expressed by the Michaelis-Menten equation. High efficiency of organic carbon removal and organic nitrogen ammonification in the anaerobic stage can eliminate the substrate competition and activation inhibition to nitrifying organisms in the following aerobic stage. In the sequencing nitrogen removal processes, the producing time and system ORP values of these feature-points have good function relationships with the influent COD loading rates of SBBR, which can be integrated into a set-point (set-time and set-ORP) sequential control strategy of nitrogen removal. The automatic control operation results revealed ORP was one of the major control parameters of the sequencing nitrogen removal process in SBBR system and high overall removal efficiency were obtained.

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