Denitrifying phosphorus removal was verified in a laboratory anaerobic/anoxic Sequencing Batch Reactor (A/A SBR) for a period of 18 months. The results obtained demonstrated the ability of the anaerobic/anoxic strategy to enrich the growth of denitrifying phosphorus bacteria (DPB) capable of taking up phosphate under anoxic conditions by using nitrate as the electron acceptor. Phosphorus removal efficiency ranging from 40-100% could be attained in an A/A SBR system. Simultaneous anoxic phosphate uptake and biological denitrification under anaerobic/anoxic condition occurred in this system. Batch tests showed, however, that simultaneous presence of carbon and nitrate would be detrimental to denitrifying phosphorus removal. Results of bacteria studies suggested that three denitrifying isolates had aerobic phosphorus removing ability.

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