Over the past decades, flocculation and/or sedimentation processes have been adopted to remove pollutants from CSOs. It has been learned that major factors affecting settlement of pollutants are the particle size distribution, their settling velocities and their specific gravity. It is, therefore, a good idea to analyze the particle size distribution and settleability of CSOs pollutants in order to develop details in designing a process. Discussed in this study are pollutant characteristics of CSOs such as particle size distribution and settleability of pollutants. The power law function is applied and is found to be an effective and reliable index for expressing the particle size distribution of pollutants in CSOs. Based on the particle size spectrum analysis, the tendency toward settling and simultaneous flocculation-settling phenomenon of CSOs pollutants is described. Based on the regression analysis it is observed that the derived constants of curves representing settling velocity profile are proportional to the initial concentration of particles and to the β-values of power law distributions. It is also revealed that the simultaneous flocculation-settling processes are effectively described by the changes of the average particle diameter and of the β-values of power law distributions.

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