In the south-east of France, the evacuation of stormwater by infiltration into the ground is being developed for large aquifer systems such as the ground water in the Rhône valley and in the eastern part of Lyons. A study proposal has been presented to the water management department of the conurbation of Lyons, aimed at quantifying, within a reasonably short space of time, the effects, in terms of transport of pollutants, of the stormwater infiltration system in the underground water in eastern Lyons. To this end, a one year duration experiment was carried out on the Vénissieux infiltration basin which drains stormwater from a 380 hectares industrial catchment area. Its peculiar configuration also made it possible to acquire new knowledge on the qualitative operation of a few pretreatment facilities. After describing the operation of the basin and the experimental protocol, we shall present a body of data that we monitored and our conclusions about the behaviour of the pollution throughout the facilities. Then, we present methods used to assess the pollution removal performance of the infiltration basin and its pretreatment devices, the results obtained, and our conclusions about the impact of the infiltration basin on groundwater and soil.

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