This paper presents results of long term pollution simulations on the example of the sewerage system of Grand-Couronne. This modelling work is part of a study where objective is to develop a method to define the reference flow of a WWTP. The model HYDROWORKS DM™ has been successfully validated in hydraulics and pollution for the sewer network, for long time simulations. A conceptual model has been built to model the pollution in the tank at the outlet of the combined system. One synthetic year of rain has been used to simulate the working of the “up stream system” of the WWTP (combined sewer + tank + separate sewer + pre-treatments) and has been successfully validated by measurements of the 1998-1999 year. If this paper is focused on the “up stream system”, the SIMBA/SIMBAD WWTP model has been successfully calibrated and validated too, and the combination represents a fully validated “Integrated Model” for the sewerage system.

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