The strong flow wastewater from a wool scouring industry is treated by a combination of anaerobic digestion and physico-chemical postreatment. Based on previous laboratory results (Gutiérrez et al., 1999), three anaerobic baffled reactors (ABR) of 300 m3 each were built, processing 60% of the strong flow of a wool scouring mill for about two years. COD and grease removal in the anaerobic reactors were 47-50% and 50-55% respectively, with an organic load between 8.9 and 6.7 kg COD/m3 d. The effluent of the anaerobic reactors was assayed with additives in an industrial decanter centrifuge. As results of these assays, all the effluent of the three reactors was sent to the decanter centrifuge after dosing additives. Overall COD and grease removal of the integrated system were 87% and 93% respectively. Dosage of coagulation-flocculation additives was optimized in a continuous flocculation device. The proposed treatment is cheaper and easier to control than others alternatives with COD removal higher than 93%.

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